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Large Ensemble Works

Hills of Gold*, for concert band (Grade 2.5)

On Butterfly Wings*, for wind ensemble (Grade 6)


Pax, Harmonia, for wind ensemble (Grade 5)


The Power of Freedom, for symphony orchestra

Revelations, for trumpet ensemble


A Secret to Everyone*, for percussion ensemble

Chef's Table, for Pierrot Ensemble and percussion

Street Speeches and Other Human Phenomena,

for clarinet, violin, tenor sax, trumpet, piano, bass, and drumset.



I Could Write a Book, for brass quintet


Paper Doll, for brass quintet


Creep, by Radiohead, for female a capella quartet


Dream of the Shore Near Another World, for string quartet and guitar

White Christmas, for tuba-euphonium choir

Small Ensemble Works

Silhouettes, for string quartet*


The Unlit Path, for oboe, clarinet and viola

Augury, for flute, clarinet, viola and cello

Suite for Four Trombonists* (for four trombones, obviously)


Quoyan Hayel: The House of the Wind, for horn quartet


Ekphrastic Dances*, for brass quintet

Marche d'Hiver: A Winter's Market, for brass quintet

Amid Hills, Beneath Rains*, for brass quintet

Prelude (to a Kiss), for brass quintet

The Chase*, for saxophone quartet

Solos and Duets

The Wheel, for violin and piano


Bottom-Dwellers*, for bass trombone and tuba

Foundry, for bass trombone and tuba

Upcycle, for clarinet and alto saxophone


Dream Sequence, for solo trombone

Ritual*, for solo contrabass and narration

f u r c u l a*, for solo soprano and piano. Lyrics by Elese Daniel

* - Recording available on the "Listen" page

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