Production has finished on a new album by The Game Brass, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series. It will include one tune from every major game, and features me on first tuba and euphonium on all ten tracks!


A new arrangement, How Can I Keep From Singing?, has been is available for sale! There is a version for brass groups between 5 and 8 players. Find it on my store here! There is also a YouTube video of me performing the quintet version on my channel.


My talk on 8-bit sound design using a program called BFXR was included in Sacramento Developer Collective's 2020 Capital Creative Showcase. See the whole developer segment here. The intro to my talk begins at about 1:39:30. Enjoy!


I collaborated with euphonium player Darren Fujii on a remote recording project created by Japanese composer Kohei Nishishita. Listen to it here! Learn more about the project here.


A new arrangement, Wand'ring Warriors, has been uploaded to YouTube! It's a medley of two of my favorite video game characters' themes: Shadow from FFVI, and Frog from Chrono Trigger. I learned some new filming techniques to get this particular effect. Find it here


My newest piece, To Battle, now has a video! I multitracked myself performing the piece and uploaded it to YouTube. Find it here! You can also purchase a copy on the Order Music tab.


The ITG conference in Columbus, OH has been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As is expected in this challenging time, in-person appearances will be unlikely, but I will be releasing something fun digitally in the next few days!


Alexis True and Julian Dixon premiered my new work for two tubas, To Battle, at her graduate recital. It will be available for purchase soon!


I am now officially registered as an exhibitor at the 2020 ITG Convention in Columbus, OH. If you are of the trumpet-playing persuasion, please come drop by and I will give you something to take home!



I have been accepted to the doctoral program at the Fred Fox School of Music in Tuscon, Arizona! I am still waiting to hear back from several other universities.



I have begun making plans to attend the 2020 International Trumpet Guild conference in Columbus, Ohio as an exhibitor. I'll be there selling my music! Please stop by if you're in the area or have come to the convention.


The clarinet/saxophone duet Chyornii & Dorado will be recording one of my pieces, Upcycle, on October 12th. Upcycle will be released along with the works of seven other composers on an album which will be available for purchase from all major music retailers.


The new site is up and running! I've redesigned everything from the ground up, and there's a lot of new stuff to explore. New entries have been added to the store page, and now you can sign up for a mailing list to stay up-to-date with all events, performances, and opportunities that involve my music.


I have accepted a position as the piano accompanist for the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Sacramento. Part of my duties is to perform an 8-10 minute prelude before each service, and I'm using the opportunity to improvise piano music for a grateful, receptive audience!