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Piece Info:

- SATB Quartet

- 6.5 minutes in duration

- Score in C

- Recording available on the "Listen" tab


Piece Characteristics:

- Jazzy harmonies and textures, venturing into funk, bebop, and blues

- Tight contrapuntal structure, frenetic and high-energy

- Slow, soloistic, "stripper-tempo" middle section

- Blistering upbeat finish

- Ternary form


Program Notes:

The Chase is a piece of absolute music for saxophone quartet. Its drive comes from its dissonant, jazzy harmonies, rhythmic propulsion, and its angular, insistent counterpoint. Each voice tries to maintain its own individual character underneath the churning of the rhythmic machine, but some try harder than others. As the piece steams to its rollicking finish, the question of their success at this endeavor may have an unexpected answer!

The Chase, for Saxophone Quartet

  • DRM-free PDF

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