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Piece Info:

- 5 minutes in duration

- Score in C

- No mutes required

- Recording available on the "Listen" tab


Piece Characteristics:

- Rich, Americana-esque harmonies

- Flowing, melodious counterpoint

- Rough ternary structure


Program Notes:

When I moved to Oregon, I was fortunate to find a place near the edge of town, and the view from my front door encompassed the incredible Coburg Hills. This majestic formation is covered with trees, and my proximity let me experience it both in vibrant green spring and glorious fall, when the sturdy pines and firs clung to their needles next to the brilliant hues of their deciduous cousins. Similarly, these hills reveal different shades of their beauty in Oregon's dappled sunlight and misty rain.

From these impressions comes Amid Hills, Beneath Rains. It is at times tender and contemplative, at others energetic and grandiose. It calls upon the iconic wide harmonies of much American folk music and the dynamic impetus of agile contrapuntal lines. This culminates in a grand chorale, and the piece ends with peaceful warmth.

Amid Hills, Beneath Rains, for Brass Quintet

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