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Portrait by QzKills.



My newest piece, To Battle, now has a video! I multitracked myself performing the piece and uploaded it to YouTube. Find it here! You can also purchase a copy on the Order Music tab.


The ITG conference in Columbus, OH has been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As is expected in this challenging time, in-person appearances will be unlikely, but I will be releasing something fun digitally in the next few days!


Alexis True and Julian Dixon premiered my new work for two tubas, To Battle, at her graduate recital. It will be available for purchase soon!

Upcoming Events


Understandably, no upcoming events can be scheduled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I will keep you posted as performances and ensemble seasons are updated and announced. In the meantime, I will be posting things digitally so that you can hear my music while we wait this thing out!

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